Alex Strouf: It’s Rivalry Week


Seen in The Denmark News, September 10th, 2015. Sports Editorial written by Sports Editor Alex Strouf.

I’m writing this on a Tuesday afternoon, and quite honestly, you already feel the vibe around Denmark High School that it’s Luxemburg-Casco week. The athletes involved with volleyball and football are what I consider a “silent excited,” meaning they won’t show it, but you can tell they are freakin’ pumped to take on the rival Spartans.

You only get four scheduled games against your rival in your entire high school career in a single sport. That’s why this is so exciting. For the five senior volleyball players, this could be the final one, and that comes with the sour taste in their mouths of last season’s regional championship loss.

For the 13 seniors on the football team, it comes with the fact knowing they can either split the series with a win, or go 1-3 against their rival in their high school football career. The last win for Denmark football over Luxemburg-Casco was in 2013.

With that being said, for added effect, former Denmark quarterback Jon Deprey transferred to Luxemburg-Casco last Tuesday. Now the Vikings will watch their starting quarterback of the past two seasons walk around the opposing sideline, against their said ‘rival’ school.

There’s only two other weeks that build up this much excitement: Homecoming and Prom.

Rivalry week begins Thursday night in Denmark and carries over to Friday night in Luxemburg. I’m excited. The players are excited. The students are excited. The parents are excited. You should be excited, too. I’ll see you Thursday night.