Muir Visits DHS with a Message


By Alex Strouf, The Denmark News

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Former Green Bay Packer and Indianapolis Colt defensive tackle Daniel Muir has spent the last few years traveling the country while delivering a message.

“Through good choices, good things usually happen, but through bad choices, bad things usually happen,” said Muir. “If you’re going through a path where you may have made a bad choice, that doesn’t mean you have to stay there.”

Muir, a member of the 2007 Green Bay Packers as an undrafted rookie, had his life flash before his eyes one week following the 2007 season’s NFC Championship Game.

Daniel Muir speaks at DHS. (Photo by Alex Strouf)

His life had consisted of hard work. In his freshman year of high school, he played one snap all year on junior varsity. The coaches at his high school threw him in at outside linebacker, having to drop into coverage. He blew it.

After the game, his coach told him he just is ‘not an athlete.’

Two years later, at a different high school, Muir was receiving ‘garbage bags full’ of letters from colleges like Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia, Tennessee, and more. After those schools saw his grades, though, it was down to the one he chose: Kent State.

After becoming a standout Golden Flash and a two-time team captain, Muir decided between the Packers and Colts for his rookie season. He chose the green and gold.

Muir loved his rookie year. He appeared in the NFC Championship Game as a rookie. Unfortunately, no Super Bowl.

“Brett Favre did what he does best,” joked Muir. “He threw an interception.”

Obviously, Muir was completely kidding. He expressed how he thought Brett Favre was one of the greatest to ever play the game of football.

“Brett Favre was probably my most fun teammate,” said Muir.

After the season, Muir spoke on the fact that he felt the need to treat himself after playing 25 straight weeks of football. After treating himself to Red Lobster in Green Bay, Muir drove to a local bar. One drink turned into two, two drinks turned into three, and somebody had slipped something into one of those three drinks. Another bad decision was getting behind the wheel, where Muir fell asleep. He blew a red light and bang, hit an 18-wheeler.

Muir woke up because he felt something dripping onto his nose. It was his own blood coming from his forehead. The jaws of life took out Muir’s door, which was smushed. Daniel Muir crawled out of his car and looked up.

“There was Lambeau Field. The first thing I saw was everything I had worked for.”

He was cut that week. Teammate and now best friend Kabeer Gbaja-Biamila got Muir involved with the church and opened his eyes to getting his life back on track.

“Kabeer is a guy who most people either love him or hate him,” said Muir of his dear friend. “…I thank God for him every time I think about him because he was the guy who said, ‘Look man, it’s time to get serious.'”

When it comes to where the two friends crossed paths, Muir hasn’t been there during his short trip back to northeast Wisconsin, but he may stop at the newly renovated Lambeau Field.

“I was there this summer during all the construction and I just said ‘wow!'”

Muir now lives in Indianapolis with his wives and three kids. Although he has stepped away from football, he now shares his stories to young people, hoping they don’t make the same mistakes he did.