Choir Concert Sings Hope for Holidays


By Charles Collier, The Denmark News

Denmark, WI—Denmark’s middle school and high school choirs performed their 2016 winter concert on Monday, December 5 for a packed cafetorium.

Under the direction of Kim Hess the middle schoolers sang with emotion and uniformity uncommon for such young performers. Songs like, “Colors of the Wind” displayed an impressive grasp on musical phrasing and enunciation, coloring the high school with beautiful calls for harmony.
Closing a medley titled, “Christmas In 90 Seconds,” the youngsters even got to perform the German lyrics of, “Silent Night” (Stille Nacht.)

Ending their performance with a perfect comic execution parodying, “The First Noel” from the children’s classic animated show, “The Animaniacs” both the boys and girls had moments of theatrical expression before rejoining a well-timed chorus.
Denmark’s high school show choir dazzled with silver sequins under the stage lights with their opening rendition of Meghan Trainor’s, “Dear Future Husband.” Though the ensemble’s choreography was grounded, the 22 ladies of the show choir made the performance memorable with expert facial expressions and convincing sells of the moves.

The senior ensemble impressed with their execution of the Spanish language by performing, “Riu Riu Chiu,” a Spanish carol. Having taken part in a high school choir with colleagues unable to change their tongues in such a way, I was personally in awe over the students’ affinity for rolled R’s and shorter sounding O’s. Combined with a syncopated beat, the senior ensemble made the room feel like a Barcelona café; in the most complimentary way possible.

Denmark’s full choir brought a classic tear-jerker to life with their performance of, “Danny Boy.” In precise balance of tones and seamlessly flowing dynamics, the choir’s voices soared through the audience like the River Jenny to the sea.
As with every group of the night, the full choir displayed riveting shows of emotion as they sang, drawing the audience in to what was clearly a well-rehearsed and passionately learned music regimen. After an entire concert of songs referencing for human understanding and unity, the Denmark choirs led by example in closing the show with a performance joining both the middle school and high school choirs.