Gettin’ To Know Ya: Bob Bielinski

Rather than filing through yellowed pages of an unpleasantly fragrant book, a group of Mark Weigman’s students at Denmark High School went right to the source of history; they interviewed residents at Scandinavian Court Assisted Living over the course of a month before compiling the reports The Denmark News is pleased to share with you.


By Matt Taicher for The Denmark News

DENMARK–Bob Bielinski lived his life with joy and with few regrets. He was born Feb. 24, 1922, in Green Bay and he was 95 years old. Bob had two brothers and sisters, one of whom passed away before him.

Bob graduated from Denmark High School in 1939. He enlisted into the Army at the age of 23 and was deployed into WWII in 1944 and served for 22 months. One of his better memories while serving in the war was the beautiful landscapes around him. After the war, Bob started working at the Steve’s Cheese cheese factory. He continued to work there for 50 years, enjoying every bit.

Bob had many hobbies like bowling at Suster’s Arcade and dancing along to his favorite polka music, but at Scandinavian Court, his hobbies consisted of playing his favorite card games, Sheepshead and Youker. He also loved to watch his favorite sports teams: the Packers, Badgers, Brewers, and Bucks. Bob loved to attend Denmark High School sports events and cheer on the Vikings.

I asked Bob, “How has technology affected your life?”

“I don’t really use any technology,” he responded. That surprised me because I’m used to people using it every day.

One thing that always put a huge smile on Bob’s face was talking about his family. His granddaughter just had a baby girl and every time I would visit, our conversation would turn into him expressing his love and excitement towards her. Christmas was Bob’s favorite time of the year and favorite holiday because he could see his family and friends.

DHS Senior Matt Taicher (right) interviewed WWII veteran Bob Bielinski. Coincidentally, Taicher’s final conversation took place the day before Bielinski’s passing.

For the short time I knew Bob, I could tell that he was a great guy and loved his family and it was pleasure talking to him. Going to a small retirement building, I didn’t think I was going to find anybody interesting…I was very wrong. Everyone has their own stories and adventures to tell.