Kwik Trip Details Under Review


by Charles Collier, The Denmark News

DENMARK—A proposed development by La Crosse-based convenience chain Kwik Trip on Denmark’s west end will be discussed and potentially approved Tuesday night, Feb. 19, with three separate special meetings slated to run in immediate succession at Village Hall.

The Planning Commission is scheduled to meet at 4:30 p.m. for a review of the site plan and conditional use restrictions for a pylon sign. Approximately fifteen minutes afterward, a public hearing on the site’s details will be held before the full Village Board convenes at 5 p.m. to discuss and vote upon the proposal.

Building administrator Ralph Witte said that the plans are consistent with Village standards and that the company, “has been great to work with.”

Preliminary drafts include a one-stall car wash as well as ten pumps for gasoline and eight for diesel fuel.

Kwik Trip has yet to officially purchase the 4.5-acre parcel from the Village and an original 180-day deadline from the August purchase agreement has been extended at least twice.

Though the site is located outside of the municipal wellhead protection zone, Denmark president Gregg Mleziva said additional steps required by the Dept. of Natural Resources has hung up completion of the deal.

According to Mleziva, DNR officials have required a physical assessment to ensure the development will not affect wetlands outlined in the agency’s Wetland Indicator database and a walkthrough inspection may be required. Three wetland indicator areas are implicated by the site’s location, one of which sits beneath Interstate 43 northbound.