LIVE: Results from State Wrestling in Madison

The Denmark News sports contributor Alex Strouf is live in Madison, tracking the results from the 75th annual WIAA state individual wrestling tournament. Follow along with in-depth analysis, interviews, videos, and photos, exclusively on Information will go from newest (top of page) to oldest (bottom of page).

Friday Night: Matches

Below are the local semifinal qualifiers, their matches, and results once they come.

(285# SEMI) Logan Zschernitz (Jr., Spencer/Columbus, 41-2) def. Josh Frerk (Sr., Denmark, 42-1)

(120# SEMI) Caleb Gross (Jr., Coleman, 45-1) def. Jack Severin (Fr., Kewaunee, 41-3)
(132# SEMI) Reid Olson (Jr., Cumberland, 40-6) def. Cam Hanrahan (Sr., Kewaunee, 44-4)

(106# SEMI) Tommy Larson (So., East Troy, 45-4) def. Lucas Joniaux (So., L-C, 42-6), 6-1 
(126# SEMI) Bryce Bosman (Jr., L-C, 46-2) def. Julian Purney (Jr., G-E-T, 42-5)
(145# SEMI) Teagan Miller (Sr., Mauston, 44-2) def. Colton Worachek (Jr., L-C, 42-9) 
(152# SEMI) Jackson Hauri (Jr., Brodhead, 31-2) def. Devan Vandenbush (Sr., L-C, 45-6)

(132# SEMI) Ben Durocher (So., WTown, 40-6) def. Cole Bavery (So., Edgerton, 42-3)

Friday Night: Preview

Denmark’s Josh Frerk is on the path of redemption.

After placing fourth last season at the WIAA Individual State Wrestling Tournament, Frerk is into the semifinals for the first time in his career.

There, he’ll face a well-known opponent in Spencer/Columbus junior Logan Zschernitz. Zschernitz beat Frerk twice during the state tournament last season, including the third place match.

In mid-January at the Freedom High School Invitational, Frerk beat Zschernitz in the championship match, via major decision, 16-7.

It’s no secret tonight’s semifinal match-up will be one everybody is watching, as it features the first and second ranked heavyweights in division two, according to

Elsewhere on the mat, seven local wrestlers qualified for tonight’s state semifinals.

Of them, four represent Luxemburg-Casco High School, who qualified the most wrestlers for this weekend’s tournament in division two.

The Spartans wrestling tonight are Lucas Joniaux (So., 106#), Colton Worachek (Jr., 145#) Devan Vandenbush (Sr., 152#) and two-time state champion Bryce Bosman (Jr., 126).

Wrightstown holds another favorite to win a division two championship, as sophomore Ben Durocher (132#) has been on a roll this season. Durocher, now 40-6, will see Edgerton sophomore Cole Bavery, 42-3, in tonight’s semifinal contest. According to, Durocher is the second ranked wrestler at 132 pounds, while Bavery is sixth. Rankings aren’t everything, though, as Bavery pinned third ranked Mike Smith in 1:13 earlier today.

The Northeastern Conference qualified nine wrestlers to the semifinals, with help from Luxemburg-Casco (4), Freedom (2), Denmark (1), Wrightstown (1) and Oconto Falls (1).

In division three, Kewaunee has a pair of semifinal qualifiers. Jack Severin (120#) won a sudden victory match this morning to advance to the semifinals, while Cam Hanrahan (132#) won via a 6-5 decision.

Severin, ranked fifth, will take on top ranked Caleb Gross of Coleman, who is the reigning state champion at 113 pounds.

Hanrahan, also ranked fifth, will wrestle #8 Reid Olson of Cumberland for a ticket to go to the state title match tomorrow.

Friday Morning: Results

Denmark’s Ryan Polomis and Ethan Schwartz were each eliminated in wrestle backs on Friday afternoon.

Eight local qualifiers are wrestling in Friday night’s semifinals, including Denmark’s Josh Frerk.

(138# QTR) Sam Stuhl (Sr., Ellsworth, 39-1) def. Ethan Schwartz (Fr., Denmark, 36-9), fall
(182# QTR) Jacob Heyroth (Sr., Lodi, 37-2) def. Ryan Polomis (Sr., Denmark, 28-10), fall
(285# QTR) Josh Frerk (Sr., Denmark, 42-1) def. Kelly Paulsen (Sr., St. Lawerence Sem., 20-2), fall

(113# QTR) Jack Severin (Fr., Kewaunee, 45-3) def. Javyn Freeman (Jr., Phillips, 40-4), SV 11-7
(132# QTR) Cam Hanarahan (Sr., Kewaunee, 44-4) def. Bailey Gillett (Sr., Caddott, 39-8), 6-5
(170# QTR) Trevor Dennee (So., Stratford, 39-5) def. Travis Reinke (Jr., Kewaunee, 38-13), fall

(106# QTR) Lucas Joniaux (Fr., L-C, 42-6) def. Tyler Gamble (Sr., Whitewater, 31-6), 6-2
(126# QTR) Bryce Bosman (Jr., L-C, 46-2) def. Alex McCray (Sr., B-W, 36-5), 7-3
(132# QTR) Aidan Medora (So, St. John’s, 33-0) def. Nathan Ronsman (Jr., L-C, 41-10), 19-6
(145# QTR) Colten Worachek (Jr, L-C, 42-9) Tristan Massie (Jr., Barron, 34-8), 12-0
(152# QTR) Devan Vandenbush (Sr., L-C, 45-6) def. Tanner Goeman (Jr., Kewaskum, 40-10), fall

(113# QTR) Walker Retz (Fr., Boyceville, 28-4) def. Kolton Tesarik (Fr., Mishicot, 32-13), 13-4
(160# QTR) Max Maylor (Sr., Iowa-Grant, 43-1) def. Sawyer Young (Sr., Mishicot, 19-7), fall

(106# QTR) Jared Stricker (Fr., Ashland, 43-0) def. Kaiden Koltz (Fr., WTown, 15-5), Pin
(132# QTR) Ben Durocher (So., WTown, 40-6) def. Colton Nicolay (So., Lodi, 34-15), 3-2
(145# QTR) Jared Lansing (Jr., Ellsworth, 40-5) def. Matthew Maitland (So., WTown, 35-11), 17-2

Friday: Day Two Preview

Denmark senior Josh Frerk is a three-time qualifier and the top ranked heavyweight in division two. At 41-1, Frerk’s only loss comes at the hands of Kaukauna’s Keaton Kleauver, who is the defending state champion in division one. Frerk won his sectional bracket, so he was given Thursday off.

Frerk will take on the only other one-loss heavyweight, Kelly Paulsen of Saint Lawerence Seminary, who is 21-1 this year, in the quarterfinal match early Friday afternoon.

Earlier this season, Frerk beat the second ranked heavyweight, Logan Zschernitz of Spencer-Columbus, via major decision. Zschernitz beat Frerk twice at state last season. The two heavyweight powerhouses will likely go face-to-face for a final time in Friday night’s semifinal match, assuming they both win in the quarterfinals.

Thursday: Day One Review

Denmark’s Ethan Schwartz, Ryan Polomis, and Gabe Wertel all kicked off their state tournament runs Thursday night from the Kohl Center. All first-time qualifiers for Denmark, they were determined to make an impact.

Schwartz led things off, winning from behind against junior Taylor Heltemes of Campbellsport, 4-2. Schwartz will kick off day two against reigning state champion Sam Stuhl of Ellsworth, who is 38-1 this season.

Ryan Polomis wrestled roughly an hour after Schwartz, taking on the seventh ranked 182-pound wrestler, Ben Turner of Stanley-Boyd. The two seniors went head-to-head, with Turner controlling the first period and a half.

That’s when fatigue set in.

Polomis quickly took the lead and held it for the entirety of the third period, upsetting Turner, 8-5.

Wertel immediately followed Polomis up, taking on Alec Davis of Grafton. Davis, now 41-7, took control early and didn’t look back. Come the third period, Wertel began to fight back, but couldn’t quite get as close as necessary. Wertel took the loss, 6-2. The sophomore ended a promising campaign with a record of 28-12.


Luxemburg-Casco qualified the most number of wrestlers in division two with eight. Seven of those eight wrestlers lived on to wrestle in Friday’s quarterfinals.

Of the five wrestlers that qualified for Mishicot, two had byes on Thursday. Senior Sawyer Young was the only one of the three Indians that won on Thursday, but will join two teammates in Friday’s D3 quarterfinals.

Wrightstown and Kewaunee each have all three of their state qualifiers alive heading into Friday. Kaiden Koltz and Matthew Maitland each won on Thursday night for the Tigers, while Travis Reinke, the lone Storm to wrestle Thursday, won his match, 4-2.

Here are the qualifying area wrestlers and Thursday’s area matches.

138#: Ethan Schwartz (Fr., Denmark, 35-8) def. Taylor Heltemes (Jr., Campbellsport, 22-10), 4-2
182#: Ryan Polomis (Sr., Denmark, 27-9) def. Ben Turner (Sr., Stanley-Boyd, 33-10), 8-5
195#: Alec Davis (Jr., Grafton, 40-7) def. Gabe Wertel (So., Denmark, 28-11), 6-2
285#: Josh Frerk (Sr., Denmark, 41-1) def. BYE

120#: Jack Severin (Fr., Kewaunee, 44-3) def. BYE
132#: Cam Hanrahan (Sr., Kewaunee, 43-4) def. BYE
170#: Travis Reinke (Jr., Kewaunee, 37-12) def. Justin Malean (Sr., Boyceville, 36-9), 4-2

106#: Lucas Joniaux (So., L-C, 41-6) def. BYE
126#: Bryce Bosman (Jr., L-C, 45-2) def. BYE
132#: Nathan Ronsman (Jr., L-C, 40-9) def. Jordan Bonte (So., Baldwin-Woodville, 29-13), 9-2
145#: Colton Worachek (Jr., L-C, 41-9) def. BYE
152#: Devan Vandenbush (Sr., L-C, 43-6) def. Dalton Smith (Sr., Stanley-Boyd, 26-9), 9-0
160#: Reece Worachek (So., L-C, 36-13) def. Gaven Lisowe (So., Chilton/Hilbert, 32-3), 9-1
195#:Matt Hanke (Sr., Lomira, 43-6) def. Austin Leroy (Sr., L-C, 38-12 ), 17-6
220#: Nate Lloyd (Sr., L-C, 42-6) def. Colten Wall (So., Prairie du Chien, 42-10), fall

113#: Kolton Tesarik (Fr., Mishicot, 32-12) def. BYE
138#: Jake Baldwin (Jr., Coleman, 42-5) def. Dylon Becker (Sr., Mishicot, 33-10), 10-2 
160#: Sawyer Young (Sr., Mishicot, 18-6) def. John Bieber (So., Coleman, 29-12), fall
195#: Aiden Hoffman (Sr., Stratford, 28-5) def. Austin Lambrecht (Jr., Mishicot, 17-17), fall
220#: Frank Koeppel (So., Mishicot, 30-14) def. BYE

106#: Kayden Koltz (Fr., WTown, 15-4) def. Joe Quaglia (Fr., Belleville, 30-12) via pin
132#: Ben Durocher (So., WTown, 39-6) def. BYE
145#: Matthew Maitland (So., WTown, 34-10) def. Blake Garcia (Sr., Prairie du Chien, 33-12), 9-2

*def = defeated, Italicized = Match has ended