KB Roundabout Spinning Heads Already


by Charles Collier, The Denmark News

DENMARK – Around 20 people filled the audience at Village Hall on Tuesday night for a public hearing built around upcoming reconstruction of CTH KB near Interstate 43 on Denmark’s west side. The mainstay of the project—a one-lane roundabout centered near 641 Depere Rd.—necessitates municipal acquisition of properties which raised alarm among some homeowners.

Six properties are either directly or indirectly impacted by the development, all but one being part of a small band of homes on the south side of Depere Rd. in an area which will be up for rezoning at the Village’s monthly meeting on April 2.

Village President Gregg Mleziva said the implicated homes will need to be cleared by August when Village engineers will begin laying utility lines on the north and south ends of Depere Rd. ahead of the roundabout’s construction next spring.

The Village is slated to spend $375,000 on the roundabout itself, splitting the total cost with Brown County, but the price for the properties in question remains up for negotiation.

“The message that was told to the property owners was to come to the Village with what they feel their property’s worth, what they’re looking to get out of it, come forward with your offer, and we’ll entertain all offers,” Mleziva said.

According to Brown County land records, the combined assessed value of the properties set for acquisition is a little more than $575,000, though this figure does not account for partial land acquisitions which could result from varying negotiations.

Originally slated for construction in 2021 according to Brown County’s capital project outlook for the fresh half-percent sales tax, the roundabout was moved up the list per Supervisor Bill Clancy’s request at the Sep. 20 meeting of the Brown County Board. Kwik Trip and the Village had reached a purchase agreement of 111 Bohemia Dr. roughly one month earlier.

New roads heading south will connect Depere Rd. to Hager Rd. and add a second thoroughfare to connect with Bohemia Dr. while an access road northward would connect Copenhagen Ln. and Solvang Way to each other as well as the Interstate corridor. It is anticipated the new access will drive further economic development near the on- and off-ramps of I-43.