Respecting History, Investing in Future


By Alex Strouf, The Denmark News

Field of Dreams II to help youth programs in Denmark

The Denmark Youth Baseball and Softball organization is set to receive a nice donation within the next year, thanks to the Circle Tap ‘Field of Dreams II’ magazines and the selflessness of Rodney and Tina Christensen.

In summer of 2017, Denmark local Randy Peronto was umpiring a little league baseball game in Maribel, when he heard discussion of Circle Tap’s field (now John Miller Field) celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2018.

That’s when an idea sparked. 

“When I got done umpiring, I came around and talked to Clare [Miller] and said somebody should put together a human interest story on that,” said Peronto. “Clare thought that it would be a great idea for me to do.”

Peronto began writing, interviewing, and collecting different pieces of history to strategically include within the magazine. The idea behind the special collectors’ edition was to drum up interest for the annual Boys of Summer tournament (July 6-8) and the International Softball Congress (ISC) World Tournament, which will be taking place at Circle Tap, Veterans’ Memorial Park, and Maribel Lions Park in August of 2019.

Peronto put his idea in partnership with Chris Wood, a publisher originally from Denmark, who helped edit the 24-page magazine. Wood suggested bringing Rodney and Tina Christensen, owners of Christensen Printing in Shawano and Denmark natives, into the project for the printing.

Once the magazine–packed with pictures, excerpts from newspapers, and the story of Circle Tap’s founding–went to press, the Christensen’s thought of an idea.

“Rodney had come to a meeting once it was all said and done with, and Rodney told us he was going to donate all of the printing costs to the youth programs in Denmark,” recalled Peronto. “We hope to raise as much money as we can to support Rodney’s donation to the youth programs here in Denmark.”

Christensen said it was a no-brainer when he came to the decision to waive the $4,300 printing fee.

“I was brought up in Denmark. I played ball there when I was young. Just the history of being with Denmark and my wife and I are able to help out now,” said Rodney Christensen. “Being brought up with the Denmark values, if you can help out, you help out.

“We want Denmark kids to be able to play.”

Christensen, along with most of the others involved with the project, has a unique tie to Circle Tap. That’s where he worked, bartending in the late 1970’s, before getting into publishing. Christensen worked as the president and publisher of the Shawano Leader for 27 years before founding Christensen Printing in 2010.

That’s why Peronto, Christensen, Wood, and company came to the agreement that 100% of the proceeds from the magazine, which is currently being sold in 37 different locations, will be donated to the Denmark Youth Baseball and Softball organization.