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Deadly Encounter: Part 1 of Part 4

By Wenānikīskokīw (nome de plume) Michael and mother were now both dead and in the dimly lit tunnel I went to search for father. The underground concrete...

Deadly Encounter: Part 3

By Wenānikīskokīw (nome de plume) “First, we have to build a safehouse. We search for father in the daylight,” Michael explained through bites of his dinner. We...

Deadly Encounter: Part 2

By Wenānikīskokīw (nome de plume) After we evacuated the Haven, everyone who had once been given the “Miracle Protein” which began the infection was rounded up...

Deadly Encounter: Part 1

*Editor’s Note: This is the first of four chapters from a local writer. It is a tale of certain horrors and desperation, but nonetheless...


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