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Propson on the Price is Right

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Nick Propson (left) with The Price is Right host Drew Carey (right).
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Local man shines on daytime TV

By Jacob Heiser
The Denmark News

Last Tuesday, the eyes of Denmark area residents were collectively fixed on their televisions as one of our own iconic citizens took part in an iconic competition. That morning, Cooperstown native and resident Nick Propson was a featured contestant on the day's The Price is Right episode bringing his unique personality to the acclaimed gameshow. The Denmark News attended a viewing party of the episode at Cassie's Coop to learn more about Propson's latest adventure and to find out what riches he got to take home.

Nick Propson was raised in Cooperstown, graduating from Denmark High School in 2006. He currently spends his days battling trees in service to his family's Economy Tree Service and resides in Cooperstown with his wife, Heather. He previously has served as a Trustee on the Maribel Village Board and recently concluded his term as a Town of Cooperstown Supervisor last month. The Price is Right is just the latest in Propson's long list of feats and shenanigans that have gained him a great deal of notoriety in the area, particularly in its many drinking establishments.

Propson got his opportunity to "come on down" during a west coast vacation in March with his wife and their friends, Cassie Collins and Jim Liebau. After receiving free tickets to the taping, the group interviewed with the show's team for a chance of being selected during the episode. Of course, Propson won over the interviewers with his larger-than-life personality and was picked to be called as one of the bidders during the taping. The group attended the March 27 taping clad in matching Donnie's Bottoms Up Hawaiian shirts. Although Propson was able to reveal he was a contestant, he was not allowed to disclose further details until the show's airing last week.

To provide proper viewing of the episode, Cassie's Coop opened up early last Tuesday at 9 a.m. giving Propson's friends, family and fans time to settle in and prepare for the 10 a.m. episode. By the start of the show, the barroom was packed with over fifty people to see their hometown represented on the weekday morning gameshow stage. The man of the hour--Propson--was stationed at a back table taking in his national television debut. The tavern was a lively scene with attendees joking and heckling other contestants throughout the first half of the episode.

Then, at 10:30 a.m., following a commercial break, The Price is Right announcer, George Gray, beckoned Propson with the famous phrase, "Come one down!" to which the crowd at Cassie's Coop erupted. After making his way to the podium, he and the other contestants were shown the next item for their bids--a workout equipment package featuring an exercise station and bike. Propson was first to bid, confidently declaring "1 million dollars''. This took host Drew Carey off guard, responding "seriously?" before accepting his bid that was too large to fit on the display screen. Predictably, Propson's million dollar bid did not pan out, but he was given another chance with the next round when a baseball gear package was up for bid. Taking things more "seriously" this time, Propson bid $1,100 and won getting his chance up on stage.

Drew Carey greeted Propson who explained his million dollar bid was the result of a lost bet. Carey understood, responding, "You got to pay off those bets," before introducing the prizes Propson would be competing for which included an iron, travel gear and an all-expenses-paid trip to Philadelphia. Nick was challenged with the game "Make Your Move" where he had to slide placards to match the prices of each of the three prizes. Unfortunately, despite help from his wife and friends in the audience, he ultimately failed to select the correct corresponding prices and missed out on the prizes. Nick would later say he lost on purpose stating, "I didn't want to go to Philly."

Propson still had one more shot at daytime TV glory with his chance to spin the show's signature giant wheel at the end of the round. Propson was first up, giving the wheel a hard spin. After he provided a shout out to his friends and family, the wheel landed on 70 with Propson opting not to take another spin. To the dismay of all in the greater Denmark community, the next contestant spun an 85 and ended Propson's reign of gameshow fame. Still, the excited crowd at Cassie's Coop gave the contestant a roaring round of applause and cheers.

While hometown fans may have enjoyed Propson's antics, gameshow fanatics were not as thrilled. In the days following his debut, a number of tabloid articles were published on websites including the US Son and Parade that stated longtime fans of the show were upset with Propson's cavalier attitude and "waste of a bid". Still, to those who still have some semblance of a sense of humor, the stunt was just some good fun.

Propson himself summed up the event stating, "In an episode filled with losers, Denmark's own Nick Propson lost as well." However, all who tuned in won in the end with an unforgettable episode from an unforgettable person. And, while gameshow purists may be upset, Propson's hometown will always be proud.

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