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DENMARK HISTORY - Pet Milk Helps Provide for War Effort

As World War II raged, the war needs of the country increased rapidly. Denmark was working hard to contribute its share to the war effort. One of the biggest contributors was the Pet Milk Company who produced evaporated milk. The Pet Milk Company occupied what was most recently the Land O’ Lakes factory.

DENMARK HISTORY - Calvary Church forms after nearly a decade of work

Trinity Lutheran Church was the main Lutheran church in the Denmark area for decades.  When it was built, it was built near the first school in New Denmark, being a central location in the new community. However, the village of Denmark grew a few miles to the west leaving the village itself without a Lutheran church.

DENMARK HISTORY - Denmark School District purchases land for future expansion in 1957

In the midst of the expansion of Denmark High School in 1957, the school district was also in negotiation to purchase additional property adjoining the school.

DENMARK HISTORY - General Telephone builds new office, converts to direct dialing

In 1957, the General Telephone Company made several large improvements which helped to modernize the area’s telephone system.

DENMARK HISTORY - Cornerstone Ceremony took place at high school in 1957

In 1957, the Denmark School District was in the midst of constructing a large addition to the then-high school which still serves the district as the Early Childhood Center today. The cornerstone laying ceremony for the new addition was held on October 8, 1957.

DENMARK HISTORY - Fire destroys St. James Church in 1914, congregation rallies to rebuild

On May 9, 1914, tragedy struck the local community. St. James Catholic Church and School caught on fire, totally destroying them.

DENMARK HISTORY - Fire Destroys Denmark Hotel in 1958

On March 5, 1958, a fire in downtown Denmark claimed a local landmark. In the early morning hours, a fire was started by a cooler unit located in the first floor barroom resulting in a burnt out barroom, a gutted adjoining dining room, and two gaping holes in the floor of the second floor hallway.

DENMARK HISTORY - Lake to Lake Modernized Denmark Plant, Held Open House

Over the years, Lake to Lake Cooperative made large investments into the Denmark plant to modernize it and update production capabilities to respond to changing market demands. A large renovation was completed in 1960 providing new capabilities to produce butter and powdered milk.

Denmark Cablevision began offering cable TV in 1980s

In 1983, as technology continued to develop, Denmark was about to get cable television. A new startup company known as Denmark Cablevision was working with the village to build cable television infrastructure throughout the village to provide this new, modern convenience to village residents.

The Abe Lincoln - New Denmark connection

With Presidents’ Day coming this Monday, The Denmark News thought it would be appropriate to highlight a little known connection between our community and one of the nation’s greatest presidents. To do this, we partnered with Mike Albers of the Denmark Historical Society to learn more about Knud Olsen and his relationship with both New Denmark and President Abraham Lincoln.

Stained glass at All Saints showcase history, old-world craftsmanship

Stained glass has a long history in churches going back at least to the 7th Century in what is today England. There are excellent examples of stained glass in the great cathedrals of Europe that are still in place around 900-1,000 years later.

Denmark hits enrollment record in 1957 among changing school environment

Throughout the 20th Century, the Denmark School District experienced a lot of growth as the village and surrounding communities increased in population.

Historic Blizzard Strikes in 1985

In December 1985, the Denmark area experienced its worst blizzard in decades which also led to the largest “no show” crowd in Packers history.

Viking Rescue Squad moves into new facility in 1985

In November 1985, the Viking Rescue Squad moved into their newly-renovated facility on Green Bay Road. Their new home was built in 1920 and had previously housed the Denmark Fire Department, the Village Hall, and the jail.

Voters Approve Second Referendum for High School Addition

In 1957, the Denmark School District was beginning to construct a much-needed addition to the old high school.

Old Rock Mill has long history in area

On the banks of the Devils River in Cooperstown sits an old, imposing mill.  Known as the Old Rock Mill, it is believed to be the oldest existing mill building in Manitowoc County.

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