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Where Are They Now: Danen Kane

Christian singer Kane is grateful for his Denmark upbringing

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

Where Are They Now: Lisa “Bruss” Truttman

Denmark’s first female superstar athlete

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

Where Are They Now: Ryan Warpinski

Denmark sports legend lives quieter life after MLB stint

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

There’s just something about a hometown athlete. It brings people together. It’s fun to watch these phenoms create magic in a sport. To possess an ability and skill set to excite a crowd and bring pride to their town.

Where are they now: Matt Dixon

Denmark Alum enjoying journalism career in Florida

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

Many people have called our village home. They’ve gone beyond our Midwest neighborhoods and small town population to make a difference elsewhere.

Every once in a while, we get a chance to hear from those who are grateful for where they were born and raised, and who want to reflect fondly on their roots.

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