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Maribel Caves Hotel offered rest, relaxation, reinvigoration

By: Alex Sekora

The Maribel Caves Hotel was built in 1900 by Charles Steinbrecker, an Austrian immigrant, who modeled the hotel on resorts from his home country. The hotel was even built in a style reminiscent of his home country, a style not as familiar in the United States which gave it an old world appearance.

Denmark had entrepreneurial spirit to bring electricity to village

By: Alex Sekora

Soon after the village of Denmark was incorporated, the community began moving toward having electricity come to the village. At that time, electricity was in its infancy, and so the infrastructure had not yet been built.

Through the eyes of your grandson

By: Chris Nelson

"Love is the greatest gift that one generation can leave to another.” — Richard Garnett

No one is really ever ready to lose a Grandparent. It’s always in the back of your mind it will happen - if it’s tomorrow or several years down the line - we go through life sometimes taking for granted how special they really are to us.

Denmark once home to successful dairy company

By: Alex Sekora

Denmark needs more housing and rental properties

By: Chris Nelson

The last 20-25 years have brought population growth to our Wisconsin village. In the 1980s the Denmark census showed just under 1500 residents. Today, we are right around the 2300 mark. While we are not changing into a mega-metropolis by any means, it is a consistent growth for the community.

The science behind fall colors

By: Chris Nelson

Storm Stories #5: Hail-Ya! The beauty of spring tornadoes

My latest tornado chase in spring 2022. By: Chris Nelson

Storm chasing is a natural fit for me. The older I get the bolder I become. It’s who I am as a human. It’s what has driven me to pursue a career in weather and to continue my hobby of hunting storms.

'Bridge Out' prank of 2002 Homecoming

By: Chris Nelson

Wisconsin climate becoming more like present day Kansas

By: Chris Nelson

'Lead Forecaster in the world says warming Earth leading to changes to traditional weather patterns'

Storms Stories #4 - The Hurricane Blizzard of the Century in Wisconsin

By: Chris Nelson

Who laid the foundation of Denmark?

By: Alex Sekora

What will Denmark look like in 20 years? Village’s growth will be near pivotal interstate

By: Chris C. Nelson

There’s an old saying that goes, “All small towns can’t stay small forever.” That seems inevitable for our humble village.

Storm Stories #3: New Denmark tornado that spun on a clear fall day

By: Chris Nelson

What’s the next BIG RETAIL STORE to close?

Are we close to losing our brick and mortar shops?

By: Chris Nelson, Publisher and Owner

TV Anchor’s suicide brings awareness to mental health issues in the TV news industry

By: Chris Nelson

Local news is an important part of any community. Local television news brings another form of intimacy to each story. For the viewer, it’s a connection to a personality and a face. What they see on television each day can often be just a small part of the anchor person or reporter’s story. The camera doesn’t show it all.

Storm Stories #2 - June 7, 2007: NE Wisconsin's Only High Risk Tornado Day

By: Chris Nelson

My journey to becoming a meteorologist hasn’t been a straight path. Over the course of the years, I worked other jobs, but always found myself with my eyes to the sky. June 7th, 2007, was one of those days.

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