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EDITORIAL - Juneteenth

This week, many readers may be wondering why they received their copy of The Denmark News a day early. Others will probably wonder why there is no mail service on Wednesday. The answer is the United States’ newest federal holiday--Juneteenth. While most probably know the day is genuinely associated with the African American community, it seems few understand its history or its meaning.

Thanks for everything Kelly!

This week, I am deeply saddened to wish the warmest of farewells to our esteemed sportswriter --Kelly Fenton. Over the past two years, I have had the honor and pleasure of working with Kelly and I will be forever grateful for his kindness, thoughtfulness and direction.

EDITORIAL - Arts Education

This week, I had the honor and the privilege of taking part in the annual DHS Fine Arts Banquet as both a presenter for the fall musical and spring play as well as an observer for my duties as a reporter. As always, I was blown away by the sheer amount and level of talent on display in our community's young people.

EDITORIAL - Memorial Day

This Monday, across the nation, Americans will observe Memorial Day. While most know that the holiday is meant to honor deceased members of the American armed forces, few understand its complicated origins. So, for this week's editorial, I would like to examine how and why Memorial Day came to be.

EDITORIAL - History of Rummage Sales

As the Denmark area winds down another year of the busy rummage sale season, I found myself wondering the reasoning behind this ubiquitous tradition. While annual rummage sales have come to be a hallmark of the spring season, when one takes a step back, the tradition can seem a bit odd.

EDITORIAL - Poor planning

Throughout my year and a half of working for The Denmark News, I have covered stories in all corners of the village. While most of the municipality's design and layout seems to make sense, one part of town has always baffled me --Daybreak Estates. While it is a very nice and beautiful neighborhood, one feature's absence continues to confuse me --sidewalks.

EDITORIAL - The Denmark Community Cupboard

On Saturday, I had the pleasure of attending the Denmark Community Cupboard's first ever fundraiser dinner. Since I started writing for The Denmark News, I have time and time again found myself blown away by the cupboards dedication and commitment to those in need in our community.

EDITORIAL - Strange food

In my free time, I sometimes like to delve into researching strange and unique social practices across history and the globe. Recently, while stumbling down the online rabbit hole of unusual food from around the world, I came across one of the most unhinged and shocking culinary customs that seemed far too cartoonishly evil to be real.

EDITORIAL - Hunting the eclipse

Last Monday, the world experienced a spectacular celestial occurrence in the much-anticipated solar eclipse. It also happened to be this reporter's 30th birthday. On my birthday, I tasked myself with the mission of capturing a photo of the meteorological phenomenon. For this week's editorial, I would like to recount my quest to capture the solar eclipse.

EDITORIAL - Turning 30

This Monday, I observed a personal milestone --I turned 30 years old. While I do not subscribe to most of the over-importance placed on birthdays, I do believe it does provide an opportunity to reflect on where we have been, where we are, and where we are going. So, for this week's editorial, I would like to share some of my thoughts as I embark on the next decade of my life.

EDITORIAL - What's with the eggs?

This week, my work for The Denmark News took me to four different Easter Egg Hunts. While covering these events, I found myself once again wondering why the tradition was taking place and just what any of it had to do with the East holiday. As a lifelong Christian, I understand the meaning behind Easter Sunday itself but I have always failed to see what the resurrection of our savior has to do with hidden novelty eggs and a giant bunny.

EDITORIAL - Thank you Forst Inn!

One of the hardest parts of staging a play is finding ways for your actors to connect and understand the material they are presenting. One way to accomplish this is by watching others perform the same show, getting a better idea of how and why things work the way they do. While this can be accomplished by watching recordings, there is nothing quite like seeing a show you are performing in person.

EDITORIAL - Happy St. Patrick's Day

On Sunday, people across the world took part in one of the most well-known and endearing cultural celebrations --St. Patrick's Day. Well everyone is at least somewhat familiar with the variety of traditions associated with the holiday, few realize that many of their origins are not traced to St. Patrick while others are not even from the country of Ireland.

EDITORIAL - Tax season scammers

Whether you like it or not, tax season is once again upon us. All across the country, Americans are crunching the numbers and double-checking their math before the approaching April 15 deadline. This time of year can be stressful enough without the additional strain added by nefarious wrongdoers who try to take advantage of the situation.

EDITORIAL - Optimism for the future

In today's world, it can be hard to feel any optimism when looking forward to the future of the world and humanity's place in that future. It seems that whenever modern writers, artists and academics envision what the future may hold, they all seem to see a bleak and desolate hellscape corrupted by all that makes man bad and devoid of all that makes them good.

EDITORIAL - Happy Leap Day!

This week, the world will observe a peculiar "holiday" that only comes once every four years. On Thursday, "Leap Day" will be celebrated commemorating the oddity that is February 29. For this week's editorial, I would like to examine Leap Day and some of the traditions that have surrounded the quadrennial peculiarity throughout history.

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