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EDITORIAL - Rummage Sales

Over the past three weeks of my writing for The Denmark News, I have had the opportunity to cover the annual rummage sales in Maribel, Denmark and now Eaton. Each sale brought in thousands of shoppers to these small communities in search of the deals and steals and provided a chance for many to get to know them better.

The Unbreakable Bond: Celebrating the Women Who Shape Our Lives

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher/Owner

Maybe you sing her praises daily and never forget to say thank you. Perhaps she’s always on your mind but it only takes an occasional call or visit to remind her of just how important she is to you.

However you honor your mother, the opportunity to truly make much of her is this Sunday. Mother’s Day is the holiday that’s dedicated to the special women in our lives; the ones who raised us, loved us, and continuously put us first.

EDITORIAL - Anonymous Submissions

We at The Denmark News hope you have been enjoying the additional local content in the past few weeks’ editions. While I have been hard at work writing articles and taking photos for the paper, we have also had the immense benefit of receiving a large number of pictures and stories from community members. This submitted content has been a great addition, and we only hope to grow on what we have started.

The trials and tribulations of a first-time gardener

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher/Owner

EDITORIAL - Maribel Lions Club

Last week, I had the honor of being sworn in as an official member of the Maribel Lions Club. At a meeting at Suster's attended by our fellow Lions and their wives, two other new members and myself were officially inducted into the organization by Lions District Governor, Dave Brinkman.

EDITORIAL - OneDenmark Community Center

Over the past eight months working for The Denmark News, I have had the privilege to see first-hand all the amazing things happening in our community, as well as the awesome people and organizations that make them possible. This experience has left me feeling extremely hopeful for what the future holds for our town and its people. So many in our community want what is best for everyone and are willing to put in the hard work necessary to accomplish it.

Why the NFL Draft needs to come to Green Bay

Regardless of the size and lack of infrastructure, many believe this major event will still come to Titletown

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

EDITORIAL - Congratulations Cast & Crew

Over the last couple months, in addition to my duties as lead writer for The Denmark News, I have also had the pleasure of serving as Assistant Director for this year's Denmark High School Spring Play, "Arsenic and Old Lace". For those who did not get the chance to see the show this weekend, the cast and crew delivered three outstanding performances for all audiences to enjoy. Night after night, they gave it their all and made each performance shine.

EDITORIAL - Sore Loser

If you are like me, you are more than a little relieved that this year's spring election is now over. Finally, after months of increasing annoyance, the phone calls, text messages, mailers and most of all, the non-stop advertisements on television and radio will finally cease, at least until the next election cycle rears its ugly head.

One year from now: the next rare Solar Eclipse hits the U.S.

Before 2017's solar eclipse, it was 38 years since the last one; the next after 2024 not for another 20 years!

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher/Owner

Holy Week: Our Lenten season concludes in a powerful way

Traditions help us focus on faith

By: Chris Nelson, Publisher

Many of us celebrate this time of year. Spring is here, the weather is warmer, the days are longer and the sun seems to shine a little brighter. Winter is becoming a distant memory and we begin to focus on the new season that’s arrived.

Denmark State Bank Purchased New Burglar-Proof Safe

By: Alex Sekora

In 1910, Denmark State Bank undertook a major upgrade to increase the safety of deposits by purchasing a burglar alarm. The new alarm was purchased from the American Bank Protection company of Minneapolis.

EDITORIAL - Music Education

Over the past couple weeks, writing for The Denmark News has led me to covering some of the great things that are happening in Denmark School District's music program. Whether it is competing at Solo Ensemble last weekend, performing at the Band Extravaganza a couple weeks ago, or traveling together to Washington D.C.

Competitive or Classless?

National Player of the Year Caitlin Clark followed and mocked by LSU player at end of championship game

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher/Owner

Editorial - Mandatory Voitng

Looking around at the modern political climate, it is hard for one to fathom just how we got here. The American political system is more gridlocked and polarized than ever, with elected leaders rarely reaching across the aisle for any reason. With the current state of affairs, it's hard to imagine any way out of our current political predicament. My solution? Mandatory voting.

I fell for Disney World

"I thought Disney was an overpriced, tourist trap; I was wrong!"

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

My idea of a good time is anywhere I can go with my son. Each weekend we pack in as much adventure as possible; from something as simple as a trip to Fleet Farm for a new inflatable (My six year old prefers to call them ‘up/downs’) to the creative-SpamTown USA in Austin, Minnesota. We visit family and friends and spend lots of quality time making memories.

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