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EDITORIAL - Longing for "Danish Fest"

While I prepare to cover my second Homecoming for The Denmark News, I can not help but be somewhat sadly reminded of another fall tradition that, unfortunately, has faded into history. 2023 will mark the sixteenth year since the annual fall "Danish Fest" was celebrated in the Village of Denmark and I, for one, deeply miss it.

EDITORIAL - Hyperlocal journalism

Throughout my time working for The Denmark News, I have continually heard the term "hyperlocal". I will admit, the first time I remember hearing the word was in my hiring interview with Publisher Chris Nelson as he was describing to me his vision for the newspaper. Even though the word was new to me then, I have since embraced the term and have done my best to adapt the concept into my journalistic work.

EDITORIAL - Remembering Father Ron

This weekend, I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Father Ron Colombo. For those who do not know, Father Ron served the Denmark community as a Catholic Priest for over twenty years and, in that time, touched and influenced countless lives in so many ways. 

EDITORIAL - A salute to teachers

The importance of good teachers cannot be understated. Their guidance and influence on students can have positive impacts that go on for years and years after they have parted ways. Apart from immediate family, children will spend more time with their educators than all but anyone else and, if in the right hands, this time can positively shape who they are and who they will ultimately become.


Of all the national holidays in the United States, none may be as misunderstood as Labor Day. On Monday, Americans across the country enjoyed a day off of work with many taking part in picnics, parades, fry-outs and a litany of other outdoor activities to celebrate…what exactly?

History: Recognize this road in Denmark?

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher and Owner

Photographic postcard view of the Main Street commercial district, with automobiles and trucks parked at the curbs. Signs are on the buildings for Dinner's Hotel Tavern, Collard's Bar and Denmark Bakery. Caption reads: "Main Street, Denmark, Wis."

This was taken in the 1930s. Courtesy: Wisconsin Historical Society

EDITORIAL - Cash is King

This week, I was surprised to find out that Vikings fans traveling with the team to Friday night's game in Shawano were advised that Shawano Stadium has recently gone "cashless" and that all purchases, including tickets, would have to be done through a credit or debit transaction.

EDITORIAL - Exploring a different culture

Last Friday evening, I had the chance to take part in a truly unique experience. That night, I, along with over two dozen cast, crew and parents of this fall's upcoming production of Fiddle on the Roof at DHS had the opportunity to visit the Moses Montefiore Congregation at their synagogue in Appleton to take part in their Friday night Shabbat services.

EDITORIAL - Theater Life

Throughout most of my life, theater has been an important feature. I got my first taste of performing on stage in Mrs. Graham's 4th grade Christmas Play; "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever". I was immediately infected with the "acting bug" and began auditioning for anything I could. Unfortunately, at that time, my level of passion for the craft was much higher than my level of actual talent and I was repeatedly disappointed in my pursuits for roles.

EDITORIAL - Self-Checkouts

While there are a never-ending amount of issues that divide us, one  development of the past decade seems to unite one and all in their resentment: self-checkouts. Everyone apparently agrees that the rise of cashier-less shopping is an entirely unnecessary move that inconveniences shoppers and takes jobs away from their community.

EDITORIAL - Congratulations Mom!

Last week was a historic one for the small community of Cooperstown as one of its last remaining businesses shut its doors for good. On Friday afternoon, Heiser's House of Hair closed up for the last time after 27 years of top-notch service and countless memories.

EDITORIAL - At one year

This week will mark the one-year anniversary of my first article published in The Denmark News. After twelve months, fifty-two issues, hundreds of articles containing thousands of words, I am still unable to comprehend how fortunate I am for finding my way to my current role writing for the paper.

EDITORIAL - Show up or shut up

While working with The Denmark News, I have covered dozens of board meetings across numerous municipalities. While admittedly tedious at times, these meetings have been an excellent opportunity to learn more about surrounding communities and how they function. It saddens me that, for many of these meetings, very few if any residents of the municipalities attend.

EDITORIAL - The importance of family

Over the course of the Fourth of July weekend, I had the opportunity to spend some quality time with some of my extended family. My mother's family, the Nooyens of Bay Settlement, have always been close-knit and, as I was growing up, always spent a lot of time together.

EDITORIAL - The fate of the ECC

This week, my adventures reporting for The Denmark News involved a great deal of discussion about what is next for the current Early Childhood Center (ECC) building. It was in the middle of December when it first clicked for me that the fate or future of the structure would be one of, if not the, most significant and contested developments I would cover in the coming months.

EDITORIAL - Maribel Weekend

For as long as I can remember, the annual Maribel Lions Picnic has been a yearly highlight as well as the unofficial start to the summer season. Since I was a small child, "Maribel Weekend" has meant two days of excitement and fun in the nearby town.

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