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EDITORIAL - Christmastime is here!

Maybe it’s the fact that December is now upon us, maybe it’s the snowy weather, but I cannot help myself from finally starting to get into the Christmas spirit. While many people start observing the holiday season as soon as Halloween is wrapped up, I prefer to wait in order to make the time more special.

EDITORIAL - Thankful for our amazing communities

This week, reporting for The Denmark News brought me face-to-face with numerous examples of the awesome things that are possible in our small communities when their people work together. At the same time, our nation collectively observed Thanksgiving last Thursday setting aside time to reflect on what we are grateful for.

EDITORIAL - Welcome Cobblestone Hotel & Suites

This week, I had the pleasure of witnessing one of the biggest and most significant developments of my brief time writing for The Denmark News officially begin.


I would like to take this opportunity to extend my sincerest appreciation and deepest congratulations to the students, staff and administration at Denmark Middle School for their organization, dedication and conduct in their execution of last Friday's Veterans Program.

EDITORIAL - Let's wait for Christmas this year

Now that Halloween has passed and November is firmly upon us, it is time for some in our society to act like Christmas Day is next week. Major retailers already have replaced their fall and Halloween displays with yuletide merchandise and all too soon Mariah Carey will start belting her haunting herald of the season "All I Want for Christmas" across every speaker in existence.

EDITORIAL - Can't we all just get along?

One thing that continues to concern me more and more is the seemingly ever-growing political divide in our country. It seems that, every day, the two sides of the political spectrum grow further and further apart while piling anger, hate and vitriol in the growing gap in between. It has gotten to the point that partisan politics in this country have reached such a fever pitch  that the idea of "common ground" seems all but non-existent.

EDITORIAL - Let's Get Behind OneDenmark

With last Monday's potentially community-altering resolution by the school board, OneDenmark now has a more defined path forward than ever towards their goal of a community center in the Village of Denmark.

EDITORIAL - Change is good

In recent weeks, I have spent a lot of my time reporting for The Denmark News covering new or potential housing developments being built within the Village of Denmark. While I initially thought  people would be excited to hear about this news, I found myself shocked and somewhat off-put by many of their reactions.

EDITORIAL - Good Sportsmanship

It is not news that needs to be reported to anyone that the Denmark Vikings Varsity Football team is having a rough year. After multiple back-to-back lopsided losses over the past two months, the Vikings were in desperate need for a rallying win on Friday night, a win they were unable to achieve. 

EDITORIAL - Longing for "Danish Fest"

While I prepare to cover my second Homecoming for The Denmark News, I can not help but be somewhat sadly reminded of another fall tradition that, unfortunately, has faded into history. 2023 will mark the sixteenth year since the annual fall "Danish Fest" was celebrated in the Village of Denmark and I, for one, deeply miss it.

EDITORIAL - Hyperlocal journalism

Throughout my time working for The Denmark News, I have continually heard the term "hyperlocal". I will admit, the first time I remember hearing the word was in my hiring interview with Publisher Chris Nelson as he was describing to me his vision for the newspaper. Even though the word was new to me then, I have since embraced the term and have done my best to adapt the concept into my journalistic work.

EDITORIAL - Remembering Father Ron

This weekend, I was deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Father Ron Colombo. For those who do not know, Father Ron served the Denmark community as a Catholic Priest for over twenty years and, in that time, touched and influenced countless lives in so many ways. 

EDITORIAL - A salute to teachers

The importance of good teachers cannot be understated. Their guidance and influence on students can have positive impacts that go on for years and years after they have parted ways. Apart from immediate family, children will spend more time with their educators than all but anyone else and, if in the right hands, this time can positively shape who they are and who they will ultimately become.


Of all the national holidays in the United States, none may be as misunderstood as Labor Day. On Monday, Americans across the country enjoyed a day off of work with many taking part in picnics, parades, fry-outs and a litany of other outdoor activities to celebrate…what exactly?

History: Recognize this road in Denmark?

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher and Owner

Photographic postcard view of the Main Street commercial district, with automobiles and trucks parked at the curbs. Signs are on the buildings for Dinner's Hotel Tavern, Collard's Bar and Denmark Bakery. Caption reads: "Main Street, Denmark, Wis."

This was taken in the 1930s. Courtesy: Wisconsin Historical Society

EDITORIAL - Cash is King

This week, I was surprised to find out that Vikings fans traveling with the team to Friday night's game in Shawano were advised that Shawano Stadium has recently gone "cashless" and that all purchases, including tickets, would have to be done through a credit or debit transaction.

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