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History of spring break

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

Mid-March can bring just about anything weather wise. We find ourselves celebrating warmer spring-like temperatures, basking in the summer-like sun on Monday and then pulling out the snow boots the next day, as we brace ourselves for a bone-chilling blast of winter-like weather.

EDITORIAL - Green Bay Mayoral Race

As another election day grows near, I once again find myself being irritated by the onslaught of advertisements for candidates begging for my vote. This is nothing new, every election brings with it campaigns advertising and although it annoys me in general, this year one race (and the attention paid to it) has particularly gotten under my skin.

Milprint closure creates huge void

By: Alex Sekora

In 2006, a huge blow was dealt to the Denmark community. Milprint, the second largest employer in the village, closed its manufacturing facility, laying off all 124 employees.

DW 2023: The asteroid that could hit Earth on Valentine’s Day in 2046

Scientists monitor asteroid with a one in 607 chance of colliding with Earth

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

  With all of the chaos happening in the world today, wouldn’t it be

something if it ended with an asteroid hitting the Earth this

century? There’s a chance it could happen; a small chance. The

asteroid known as DW 2023, which has a chance of colliding with

EDITORIAL - Public Money for stadiums

Last week Wednesday, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers unveiled his administration's proposed budget for the year. One major item included in the budget was $290 million in state money to be given to the Milwaukee Brewers for improvements to American Family Field (formerly Miller Park).

EDITORIAL - 69th CP Telethon

This weekend featured an annual charity event that is a yearly staple for many, and a personal favorite of mine. On Saturday and Sunday, WBAY hosted the 69th Annual CP Telethon, the longest running telethon in history that supports an amazing cause. 

Where Are They Now: Ryan Warpinski

Denmark sports legend lives quieter life after MLB stint

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

There’s just something about a hometown athlete. It brings people together. It’s fun to watch these phenoms create magic in a sport. To possess an ability and skill set to excite a crowd and bring pride to their town.

“Lent: A Time for Reflection and Renewal for Catholics”

My Lenten mission is to help where I can through His word

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

Spring is around the corner 

Subtitle: 5 reasons you should be looking forward to the change of season 

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

Despite what Puxatawney Phil saw (need I remind you of his shadow and the prediction of six more weeks of winter) and the imminent threat of snow storms through May...hope is on the horizon.


Over the past couple weeks, I have had the pleasure of helping assemble this year's FFA Special Section for the newspaper. In doing so, I have had the chance to see all the amazing things the Denmark FFA and FFA Alumni have been able to accomplish and provide over the last year through the awesome photos and articles that were submitted.

Midwest known for our wild weather, rarely experiences earthquakes

By: Chris C. Nelson, Owner/Publisher

The Midwest. It’s known for its weather seasons, agriculture and friendly, hardworking, sports-loving people. We talk about the weather incessantly; tornadoes, heat and cold, winter storms, flooding, and so much more. But one thing that sets us apart from the other parts of the country is our lack of earthquakes.

Where are they now: Matt Dixon

Denmark Alum enjoying journalism career in Florida

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

Many people have called our village home. They’ve gone beyond our Midwest neighborhoods and small town population to make a difference elsewhere.

Every once in a while, we get a chance to hear from those who are grateful for where they were born and raised, and who want to reflect fondly on their roots.

EDITORIAL - At six months

It occurred to me the other day that this week marks six months since I joined the Denmark News. It is truly hard for me to believe that it really has been half a year since I started my new journalism path, even though so much seems to have happened since then.

Catholic Schools Week a reminder kids can thrive in religious schools

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

My mom always reminds me she wished she sent me to Catholic school. I’m sure she has her reasons, but I think it’s because of all the headaches I caused her and dad during my high school years.

Downtowns and Main Streets of small communities more important than ever

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

When was the last time you shopped at the stores lining your community’s Main Street?

From the Mom and Pop shops to the quaint boutiques to the businesses that have stood the test of time. Main Street USA serves as the heart of towns of all sizes.

ChatGPT. It’s set to change how we all do business.

By: Chris C. Nelson, Publisher

Let me explain what it is. Actually, I’ll let ChatGPT tell you what it is:

ChatGPT is a large language model trained by OpenAI that can generate human-like text based on the input it is given.

Artificial Intelligence that can create content. It is trained and designed to hold natural conversations.

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