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First Day Back

When it comes to major local events, we at The Denmark News recognized how important covering “back to school” would be for our paper. To get photos, as well as perspective, I was tasked with heading down to the bus drop-off area on Thursday morning to witness “back to school” for myself. The morning of Thursday, September 1st was a beautiful, clear and warm day.


It is time once again to dust off your daubers and get ready for another year of All Saints Bingo! The community favorite Monday night extravaganza is back for another year of amazing prizes and great bingo.

TV Anchor’s suicide brings awareness to mental health issues in the TV news industry

By: Chris Nelson

Local news is an important part of any community. Local television news brings another form of intimacy to each story. For the viewer, it’s a connection to a personality and a face. What they see on television each day can often be just a small part of the anchor person or reporter’s story. The camera doesn’t show it all.

Why a digital subscription is the new in newspapers

By: Chris Nelson

Denmark News. Digital edition. What’s the buzz? Why does The Denmark News offer a digital subscription? There are a lot of reasons.

The arrival of the internet and social media has helped mold and revolutionize the new age in media. You don’t have to like it. But allow me to explain why you may want to buy into it.

Highway 96 Closed For Three Months

Wisconsin State Highway 96 between Denmark and Greenleaf will be closed starting Monday, August 29. The 14.4 miles of construction is part of a $12.8 million dollar improvement project. It will span from I-43 in Denmark to Highway 32 in Greenleaf. Work is expected to take three months. Stay tuned to The Denmark News for more info!

Back To School With Luke Goral

As August turns into September, the school buses will once again begin rumbling and the bells will once again be ringing. Ready or not, back to school is upon us. It’s time to dust off those school supplies and see what this new academic year has in store! 

New Growth With Community Roots

A new kind of farm has taken root off of Langes Corners Road, just north of Denmark, and its crop may hold great benefits for many in the community!

Congratulations James Grasee!

For two decades, James Grasee has been providing knowledgeable and trusted financial advice from his office in Bellevue, across the road from Redwood Inn. Over that time, countless customers from all walks of life have sought his services and Grasee says serving them has been a "sincere pleasure".

Melnik Kolaches

On Wednesday, August 17, 2022, the small church in the quiet little town of Melnik was humming with activity. There, over 30 area volunteers went about the enormous task of making over 2,000 authentic Bohemian Kolaches. Beginning at 3:30 a.m., the army of volunteers began making, then rolling, then filling and finally baking the tasty pastries.

The Big Bribe of 1854

In times like these, when our government and politics in general seem to be so corrupted and polarized, it is important that we remember that political scandal and trickery are nothing new, even in a small community like Denmark Wisconsin.

OneDenmark brings community together

By: Chris Nelson

Sometimes it takes a lot of work to help a small community survive. Time passes. Generations are raised. Change happens.

Then one day, there’s the realization that something’s gotta give. There’s vision. Focus. Determination.

Today one of Denmark’s newest organizations is all about helping folks Connect. Belong. Thrive.

Storm Stories #1 - The Tornado that piqued my interest: Denmark Twister of 1994.

By: Chris Nelson

I was 9 years old. I was about to enter the fifth grade. When I woke up that summer morning, I was among those in the extreme southern end of Brown County and northern Manitowoc County that had no idea what the day had in store.

Denmark Trophy Case Sells Off Apparel Business

For Joe Loritz, being a trusted resource for the Denmark community has simply been a way of life. When he and his wife Lonnie started The Denmark Trophy Case in May of 2002, their goal was simple: provide quality custom apparel and awards for the community with friendly and honest customer service at a fair price. And for over twenty years now, that's just what they have done.

Friends of Neshota Park Build Picnic Tables

On Sunday July 17, Friend's of Neshota Park brought this summer's picnic table fundraiser to a successful conclusion when they came together to install 25 new picnic tables throughout the park. The event was the culmination of over six months of hard work and fundraising.

Making Their 'Mark'

New and exciting things are happening at The Mark, just south of Denmark, formerly 20th Century, then Free Bird Saloon. The site is once again under new management and a new team of hard workers with big dreams are at the helm, hoping to return the bar to its former glory.

Newspapers won't die, large conglomerates will

By: Chris Nelson, Publisher

Newspapers are not dying. Despite what you’ve heard. Despite what you’ve seen. Despite what you’ve read. 

The real story here? The large newspaper companies won’t survive. Your hometown paper? That’s a different story. 

The main reason I am drawn to the newspaper business is because I am drawn to small towns. I am passionate about community and I love the connection a publication creates in cities of all sizes.

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